Cell Design Labs is a biotherapeutics company pioneering breakthrough science to develop disruptive therapies for cancer and other devastating diseases.  Cell Design Labs leverages the power of the body’s immune system to develop smart, living therapies with the capability to treat our most challenging diseases with unprecedented power, precision, safety and durability.  

Scientists have long recognized that the body’s immune system can be a powerful ally in the fight against cancer and other diseases. But until recently, harnessing the immune system has been difficult.  Cancer cells can adeptly evade immune detection, and directly stimulating the immune system to overcome this subterfuge, while occasionally successful, is often dangerous because of the immune system's powerful and undiscriminating actions.  However, as researchers continue expanding our understanding of immune cell interactions, we are on the edge of a new era of medicine in which we can precisely instruct and guide immune cells to recognize and eliminate disease, even when that disease is working hard to defeat the immune system.

At Cell Design Labs we are discovering and building the next generation of anti-cancer therapies. We do this by modifying the body’s immune cells to create therapeutic agents capable of selectively recognizing, disabling and destroying malignant threats. At the heart of Cell Design Labs technology is a proprietary collection of distinct modules.  This Cell Design Labs toolkit of proprietary molecular modules can be deployed in an immune cell to systematically program the cell’s specificity and carefully target its lethal killing force.  At its core, we are directing a living cell to identify a specific threat and neutralize it without harming adjacent tissues. By harnessing this natural power we are able to create smart, living therapies.  Our therapies, which are able to recognize and respond to disease signatures, may also have applications in autoimmune and degenerative disorders,  and other challenging diseases that we face today.